We store, label, pack, and deliver your goods to your customers.
All you have to do is sell.

Sell all over the world Start Selling Grow your business with a network of fulfillment centers from Fulfillment-Box Group

Sell all over the world Start Selling Grow your business with a network of fulfillment centers from Fulfillment-Box Group

Fulfillment Box – the Premium E-Commerce Fulfillment Provider in Germany

Renting storage space causes enormous costs and a lot of work, especially for young companies. In addition to high rents, additional labor and materials often have to be paid.

As a 3PL & fulfillment service provider, we provide you with our expertise in the field of fulfillment. We guarantee you reliable and transparent service processing – you only pay for goods actually delivered (excluding storage fees).

We store – you sell

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Store your goods at the best possible price



We pack your products for further delivery to your customers – quickly, efficiently, and safely.



We deliver your goods safely and reliably to your customers.



We process returns quickly and reliably and allocate them to the warehouse.

Fulfillment Dienstleister

Whether you are a beginner, a start-up, or an experienced entrepreneur, thanks to our transparent and inexpensive offers, our e-commerce fulfillment services are suitable for various companies.

Our platforms and marketplaces

Incoming goods inspection, shelf space allocation, entry into Wawi, labeling, packaging, and shipping. We perform all operations quickly and efficiently because we have tested and improved our system for many years. And we constantly develop our system.

As a result, you keep your fulfillment costs low and still benefit from our know-how in e-commerce logistics.

Find out how our quality and speed of our experienced employees help you save time and money – in Germany or internationally. We offer 3PL fulfillment logistics that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

We work with all leading parcel delivery service providers

Fulfillment-Box is a German Ltd. that maintains warehouses and provides logistics services. In addition to the main fulfillment center in Germany the fulfillment box group also includes subsidiaries in Poland, Spain, Great Britain and Canada.

With its broad warehouse network, Fulfillment-Box is an excellent partner for local and international sellers.

Our trademark is low logistics costs of fulfillment for online stores, without compromising the quality.

We invite you to become a part of our success story and benefit from the well-designed e-commerce fulfillment.

Use your time for more important tasks than packing packages and checking employees!

Use your premises for new offices or as an exhibition space!

Use your time to think about things more interesting than your warehouse, shipping, and packaging materials!


What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Saving time, money, and greater flexibility in shipping.

When will you send an order to a customer?

We take orders for shipping till 12 afternoons on the same day. We don’t take orders on public holidays in the state of Bremen and on weekends.

Which categories of goods do you not accept for storage?

We cannot store dangerous goods. Please contact us in advance if you are not 100 percent sure whether we can accept your goods.

What type of service to choose for an FBA shipment?

Basically, you have three options:
– Send to FBA from Prep (Masterbox).
Shipping to FBA without FNSKU labeling, with customer’s cartons

– Send to FBA from prep center, including FNSKU labeling (Unit)
Picking from warehouse, labeling of each product with FNSKU, packing, shipping (price depends on the quantity of units per month)

– Send to FBA from Prep without labeling FNSKU (Unit)
Picking from warehouse, packing, shipping (price depends on the quantity of units per month)

How is the delivery price from prep center to the client calculated?

-FBM Shipment (Order processing)
-FBM Shipment (The cost of each unit in the order)
-Package costs (carton costs, if needed- other packaging materials). The price depends on the box size: “Shipping box costs”
-Delivery costs ( “Transportation costs”)


Shipment (order processing) = 1 euro
Shipment (the costs of each unit in the order)= 0,3
Package costs = 0, 15
Delivery costs within Germany with DHL (weigh under 1 Kg)= 4 euro
1 + 0,3 + 0, 15 + 4 = 4,45 euro

What are the warehouse opening times? When can you receive goods in the warehouses?

Opening times of the warehouses or the receiving department:
Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm