Frequently Asked Questions

How is the delivery price from prep center to the client calculated?

FBM Shipment (Order processing)
FBM Shipment (The cost of each unit in the order)
Package costs (carton costs, if needed- other packaging materials). The price depends on the box size: https://www.fulfillment-box.de/en/prices/ “Shipping box costs”
Delivery costs (https://www.fulfillment-box.de/en/prices/ “Transportation costs”)


Shipment (order processing) = 1 euro
Shipment (the costs of each unit in the order)= 0,3
Package costs = 0, 15
Delivery costs within Germany with DHL (weigh under 1 Kg)= 4 euro
1 + 0,3 + 0, 15 + 4 = 4,45 euro

DHL reclamations

In case your parcel wasn’t delivered by DHL, fill in the form below, please. We use this system for our goods and offer the same service for you. We will send the request about the status of your parcel to DHL.


What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Saving time, money, and greater flexibility in shipping.

How do you pack goods for shipping?

Depending on the type of goods, we send goods in boxes or pallets. We ensure sufficient packing to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

Сan I provide you with my packaging for orders?

Yes, we are happy to use your packaging.

When will you send an order to a customer?

We take orders for shipping till 12 afternoons on the same day. We don’t take orders on public holidays in the state of Bremen and on weekends.

How and when should I pay for the services?

Billing is once per month. We accept Paypal and bank transfers.

Which categories of goods do you not accept for storage?

We cannot store dangerous goods. Please contact us in advance if you are not 100 percent sure whether we can accept your goods.

Are there any restrictions on the weight and dimensions of goods?

The packages cannot be larger than 60x60x60 and not heavier than 31.5 KG including packaging. Depending on the destination, pallets cannot be larger than 80x120x180 WxDxH and not heavier than 1000 KG.

What about insurance? Will I get compensation if my goods will be damaged or lost during transportation?

There is іnsurance for the packages. Insurance is also available for pallets for an additional cost. The warehouse is insured and theft-proof, including steel doors, an alarm system, video cameras.

Is it possible to collect orders from your warehouse?

Yes, it is possible by arrangement.

Do you send orders to customers on my behalf or from your company?

Both are possible.

Can you ensure the delivery of orders to a customer by a certain date?

Fixed delivery dates are possible for pallets at an additional cost. For parcels, the delivery time is usually 1-2 days nationally. Unfortunately, express deliveries with a fixed date are currently not available.

Can you arrange overseas delivery?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it necessary to use barcodes on my items?

It is only necessary if you want to send goods to the Amazon warehouse. We also offer the service “labeling with FNSKU” for an additional charge. The goods have to be identifiable in each case. But a barcode is not absolutely necessary for this.

What type of service to choose for an FBA shipment?

Basically, you have three options: – Send to FBA from Prep (Masterbox). Shipping to FBA without FNSKU labeling, with customer’s cartons – Send to FBA from prep center, including FNSKU labeling (Unit) Picking from warehouse, labeling of each product with FNSKU, packing, shipping (price depends on the quantity of units per month) – Send to FBA from Prep without labeling FNSKU (Unit) Picking from warehouse, packing, shipping (price depends on the quantity of units per month).

Which address should be picked when creating a removal order on Amazon or when sending wares to the prep-center warehouse?

To understand which customer sent the goods please include the name of your company in brackets:

Fulfillment-BOX (Company name)
Walter-Geerdes-Str. 14th
28307 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 668 9414 0
Mail: info@fulfillment-box.de

What are the warehouse opening times? When can you receive goods in the warehouses?

Opening times of the warehouses or the receiving department:
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What do you need to get started?

You need to provide your e-mail address to which we will send an e-mail with access to your personal account. Next connect your marketplaces to your personal account then import products and orders.

How does the transfer of orders from the customer to the prep center take place?

Orders from a client to the prep center are transferred in the following way:
Connection to marketplaces via API
Manual import

Is there a subscription fee?


What should be done if the customer has not picked up the parcel and cannot pick it up himself?

The package is automatically returned to the sender with national costs of € 5 and international costs of € 11.90

What to do if the client has not received the goods or the goods have been lost?

You can find undelivered or lost goods by contacting the delivery service at the phone number indicated on the delivery service website. Our company is not responsible for the work of the delivery service we only send your goods through it. If you are unable to resolve this issue on your own you can contact the technical support chat which you see at the bottom of the page. Our specialist working with the delivery service will answer your request and ask you to fill out a special form, which after filling must be sent back to him. Only after that we will be able to search for your product by contacting the delivery service which will save your time and help you quickly resolve the issue. We inform you in advance that this service has to be paid for.