Returning goods is an inevitable process in the work of an online store. The shoes didn’t fit, the closet didn’t fit the interior and the furnishings didn’t meet your expectations? It’s time to return the product.

This is not a convenient process for sellers. Processing every return requires a lot of resources and it is not profitable. At the same time, it is also not feasible to accumulate tons of unprocessed returns. In fact, very often customers return products due to subjective reasons (wrong size / color) which means that the product can be resold. The earlier the return is processed, the sooner the product will return to the storefront.

Timely returns processing is also important in customer relationships. Good returns management increases customer confidence in the company. This means that there is a higher chance that the customer will return for another purchase.

High-quality returns processing enables you to:

Make returned goods salable again quickly

Gain the trust of buyers

Saving your employees time and your own money

Exact documentation and detailed statistics allow for an exact analysis of your portfolio in terms of profitability

Hidden cost guzzlers can easily be found and converted into profitable products

It is therefore important to ensure that returns are processed quickly and professionally. Not every online shop can cope with this on its own. After all it is necessary to take into account many nuances. You have to allocate space in the warehouse, find employees, think about the work scheme with each order, organize the logistics. Therefore, the outsourcing of returns processing is an ideal solution for those who want to concentrate on sales and do not want to be distracted by other processes.

We at Fulfillment-Box are happy to take on all returns tasks. You always know which orders have returned to the warehouse and in what condition the products are. Our employees will carefully check all goods for their condition and usability. Goods of the appropriate quality are automatically stored in the warehouse and are immediately ready for sale again. You can send them to a new customer directly from our warehouse. We also offer a recycling service for defective goods.

Our warehouses in Germany, Poland, Spain, UK and Canada are available for fulfillment box customers. Thanks to this logistically advantageous location our services are available to both local and international sellers.

We use software to organize and manage all processes. Its functionality meets all the needs of a modern salesperson.

How Fulfillment-Box returns processing works

  1. After agreeing to all the conditions and signing the contract you get from us you will receive access to your personal account in
  2. In your personal account you need to fill in the required data and link your account from your shop (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc.)
  3. Wait until the import of goods into is completed.
  4. On your site, in the return address, indicate the address of the prep center in Görlitz
    Fulfillment-BOX (name of your company)
    302827 Görlitz
    *be sure to indicate the name of your company in brackets
  5. For each product you can leave instructions on how to process the return.
  6. After integration all your orders will be displayed in your account. Each order will be assigned a unique Order-ID.
  7. In case of a return you inform the client to write the Order-ID on the parcel and include it inside the parcel.
  8. Upon arrival at the warehouse the return will be identified by the Order-ID.
  9. Upon receipt of the return the status of the order in will be changed. This way you will know when the return arrived at the warehouse.
  10. The returned item is checked and stocked in accordance with its condition.
  11. For used items a new ID will be automatically generated and a link to the main item (new) will be established.
  12. The order will display a report on all services provided and their cost.
  13. You can send the goods to a new customer directly from our warehouse.

Why should you choose a fulfillment box?

Many years of personal experience in e-commerce and returns management.

Proven software that can be easily adapted to the needs of each customer

Logistically advantageous warehouse locations - in Europe (Germany, Poland, Great Britain) and the USA




Preis in Euro

FBA Remission - Bearbeiten und einlagern (Neuware)

Empfang, Inspektion, Einbuchen im Lager des Prep-Centers. Gemeint sind FBA Remissionsaufträge (Neuware)

0.50 €

FBA Remission - Entsorgen von nicht verkaufsfähiger Ware

Empfang, Inspektion, Entsorgung

2 €

Retouren - Bearbeitung und Einlagern
* Basis - Der Preis hängt von der Art der Leistung ab

Bearbeitung von Kundenretouren (die Produkte waren bereits beim Kunden und erfordern zusätzliche Kontrolle)

2 € *

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